As the UK’s second largest trading partner, Cyprus is aiming to maintain excellent and warm relations for the large number of UK expats living, working and studying in the country.

According to the last agreement signed between the UK and EU Commission, British nationals will be able to carry on living in Cyprus during the implementation period (30/3/2019- 31/11/2020) and beyond – in the same way as a Cypriot does.

We recommend that UK nationals who have been residing in Cyprus for more than three months (and wish to continue living there) obtain the MEU1. This is a registration document for UK nationals in Cyprus – and you apply for it via the Cypriot Authorities (Ministry of Interior, Civil Registry and Migration Department).

Additionally, we advise you do this now, while we await further details about possible changes to the system?

It will be up to the EU and its member states to decide how to implement the deal for UK nationals – i.e. whether they will adopt a similar approach and require applications or continue with the current declaratory system.

So far there are no changes in your rights and status while UK remains in the EU – but ongoing negotiations will reveal any further actions that UK nationals should take.

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