There will be no change to the rights and status of UK nationals living in Ireland while the UK remains in the EU – so just make sure you’re correctly registered as resident in Ireland.

British nationals will not be required to apply for Settled Status to protect their entitlements in Ireland, while the rights to work, study, vote in local and parliamentary elections, access social security and public services like education and healthcare will also be preserved.

Additionally, the rights of British citizens under the Common Travel Area (CTA) are protected after the UK leaves the EU, so journeys between Ireland and the UK will continue as before.

The finer details on the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland have not yet been agreed, but if no solutions are reached before the UK’s scheduled withdrawal on 29th March, 2019, an alternative option has been agreed in principle.

This would see Northern Ireland maintain the rules and regulations of the EU single market and customs union – therefore avoiding the need for a hard border between Ireland and Northern Ireland.

How this arrangement would run continues to be negotiated however – but you’ll hear about it first at Brexit Decoded.

Please also note that one of the EU’s main negotiating values is that the withdrawal agreement must be a single comprehensive package – with no individual matters being settled separately to the agreement as a whole.

This means that if both parties cannot agree on a particular issue – like the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland – this could undermine the withdrawal agreement as a whole…  Keep up to speed with developments and announcements in the Brexit Decoded Forum.

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