There are broadly no changes to the rights and status of UK nationals (and their direct family) living in France while the UK remains in the EU.

Those living legally and permanently in France will be able to stay and continue to work, as well as accessing French education and healthcare.

The French Ministry of Interior are working on the system they will put in place – to enable UK nationals covered by the Withdrawal Agreement between the UK and EU to claim their rights after Brexit – but whatever happens you will have until at least June 2021 to submit any necessary registration documents.

Those covered by the Withdrawal Agreement will also continue to receive their UK state pension and any relevant benefits.

In the meantime, we would encourage eligible UK nationals to get ready their papers (bank statements, examples of household and place of residence bills, etc) so that they’re able to demonstrate continued residency in France.

Looking forward, it’s probably best to apply for an EU carte de séjour (registration card) as well, which is free.

One issue not yet agreed on is onward movement beyond 2020 – for example if you currently reside in France but wanted to move to another EU country thereafter – but as soon as we know the details, you’ll know them too ok!  In the meantime join others and learn more in the forum.



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