Suitably efficient, Germany is the first EU country to positively endorse a system to assist UK nationals after withdrawal.

Essentially it means any British people who apply for a German passport before the end of the transition period (31st December, 2020) will be treated as EU nationals – without losing their UK citizenship.

Plus, this is despite the fact that Germany doesn’t normally allow dual citizenship.

The draft Act itself is called the Brexit-Übergangsgesetz (or Brexit ÜG for short) and it will see the Brexit transition period (which was agreed to in principle by negotiators earlier this year) being formally translated into German national law.

Please note, however, that although the transition period along with other aspects of the withdrawal such as citizens’ rights have been agreed in principle, these agreements will probably become void if Britain leaves the European Union without a trade deal?

Watch the Forum for more details on the exciting new German process very soon…

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