There isn’t a requirement for EU citizens living in the UK to do anything yet, as there will be no changes to their status whilst the UK remains in the EU. Put simply, this means no change until 30 June 2021 – as long as you qualify to register for Settled Status .

The British Government is providing updates on its website at which outline the criteria for registration, plus they have said they’ll release details of the online registration scheme shortly.


Brexit Decoded will also provide you with regular updates on the process via our Blog and you can use the Forum to discuss all the issues – as they arise – with other members and ask the questions important to you.

We’ll break down details of how to register for Settled or Pre-Settled status as soon as that information is available – and also provide handy feedback and suggestions from both our members and professional contributors.

Our Settled Status and Registration pages contain the very latest news and are updated as soon as new developments are made available.

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